Thursday, August 2, 2007

Things are falling into place...

My to do list is shrinking. Lots of shopping has been involved much to Ken's horror : ) Even got my prescription scabies cream form Canada (Canada did not require a presciption...). Pile of Target bags in our room contunes to grow. However, much to Ken's delight, I am beginning to believe that I will actually be able to purchase almost anything we'll need while in China.

The crib is set up, sheets are washed, and changing table is ready to go. Did some preliminary sorting of clothes but will wait to do the bulk once we are home and know her size.

Today, we found out which hotels we are staying in while in China. All 3 are super nice. We opted to upgrade and stay in suites which should be helpful once we have Elaina with us. Our itinerary has been finalized. We actually will arrive in Wuhan on the 19th but have to wait until the 20th to get Elaina. Sigh. I guess it will give us a bit more time for rest and to have things ready for when she is placed in our arms.

Two of the other couples in our travel group are on the same flight from LAX! I really am excited about sharing this experience with 8 other families--that's something that's not an integral part of adopting from Korea (no travel groups).

The kids and I leave for NJ on Tueday, return on Sunday, and then Ken and I leave for China on Tuesday. Another busy weekend ahead preparing!