Thursday, July 26, 2007

We Have Confirmed Dates!

We were notified this morning that our dates are confirmed. Our orientation with Holt in Beijing is on August 18th. We want to see the Great Wall so we will go a couple of days earlier. To get there on the 16th, we have to leave very late on the 14th (gotta love that loss of time). We will fly to Wuhan (the capitol of Hubei province) on the 19th and will have Elaina in our arms THAT day!!!! We will be in Wuhan until the 24th when we fly down to Guangzhou. We could leave to return to the USA on the 30th, but China Southern does not fly on Thursdays (bizarre) so we will return on the 31st. We chose China Southern as they have 3 classes of service, one of which is Econmy Premium. This is similar to Business class but MUCH cheaper.

Back Away From The Internet and The Charge Cards, Please

Ken here.

Husbands and wives process things differently. I'm excited about our imminent travel. I'm giddy. I may even be acting strangely.

However, I am not, like one lovely lady I could mention, obsessively researching the danger of scabies on the internet.

Nor am I taking economy-jolting shopping trips to Target. I was under the impression that China has, you know, stores and stuff.

But never mind. Each to his or her own.

Don't hurt me.