Thursday, July 26, 2007

Back Away From The Internet and The Charge Cards, Please

Ken here.

Husbands and wives process things differently. I'm excited about our imminent travel. I'm giddy. I may even be acting strangely.

However, I am not, like one lovely lady I could mention, obsessively researching the danger of scabies on the internet.

Nor am I taking economy-jolting shopping trips to Target. I was under the impression that China has, you know, stores and stuff.

But never mind. Each to his or her own.

Don't hurt me.


Roger Baker said...

Courage, lad. It's only beginning.

Christine and Tom said...

Ken, you are only supposed to THINK those things, never articulate them, and certainly never put them down in writing. And by the way, this from a man who over-prepares for everything in his life anyway?