Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Settling In

Off to the pediatrician today. Elaina is at the 90th %ile on American charts for weight AND height :shock: My arms could've saved them a trip to the scale. Abby is petite always hovering around the 25th %ile while Evan is at the 50th %ile. Wonder if she'll say at the top of the charts? The dr was very impressed at her overall excellent health and her development. Elaina is now playing peek-a-boo with much glee as well as waving bye. Her newest thing is standing for seconds on end with great balance. I am thinking she will be taking some first steps VERY soon (note to self--buy more baby gates). We are SO blessed and so in debt to her foster family!

In the sleep department, we are making baby steps. She definitely is grieveing at night, but slept for 4 hours straight on top of or right beside me last night. Ken and I are switching off so we can get some good solid sleep in between wakenings.

Evan and Abby are totally in love with her and are such great siblings. Of course, Abby is trying to constantly mother her. Abby has shown some acting out which is not unexpected, but overall she is very happy to have her sister finally home. They LOVE getting her to smile and laugh and are quite good at it!

The pics are from this evening. The nasty heat wave her in CA finally broke and we enjoyed dinner outside.

Thanks for all your support!