Sunday, August 12, 2007

49 Hours!

Wow! We returned from a great trip to NJ these past 5 days. Now we are so busy getting ready to leave for China. Ken was here in CA while we were in NJ and completed several critical things. We like things to be busier than normal, so Evan and Abby both start a week long soccer camp tomorrow morning (will there be enough time to make yet another run to Target????) and Evan's new loft bed arrives tomorrow afternoon. Yikes.

My parents left from TN on Friday for their drive to CA. They are in Flagstaff tonight and will arrive near us tomorrow evening. Hopefully, Evan and Abby will be reasonably well behaved for them while we are in China.

Stay posted for all of our postings and pictures from China. We hope you will follow our journey and comment as well!