Monday, August 20, 2007

First Night

Elaina did quite well. She fell asleep before nine, woke at 2 crying a bit, took a bottle contentedly, and as of 620 is still sleeping. She's made little baby noises occasionally, but no big problems since 2:00. Knock on wood.

Today we go back to the Ministry for more paperwork all morning. More when we get back.

A Happier Little Girl

Elaina woke up from a two-and-a-half hour nap with a much happier outlook. She let Katrina give her a bottle and sat contentedly with her, ate lots of Cheerios, and played with toys. I have a feeling she can crawl but just isn't comfortable with us yet. She's close to standing on her own.

She's quite big -- 23 pounds and almost 28 inches, at the 90th and 70th percentiles. She's wearing 12 to 18 month clothes -- which, naturally, Katrina brought.

Katrina went to a paperwork meeting for an hour, then we joined some friends for a trek to the grocery for formula, diapers, and other necessities. We got a fair number of stares, most friendly, some unknowable.

Later that evening Madison, the new daughter of some new friends, visited Elaina for a play date, which mostly consisted of stealing each other's shoes:

Then we headed down for the hotel's main restaurant, three couples and their new daughters sitting together (the wait staff shrewdly put us at the far end of the restaurant). Elaina came out of her shell, flirting with waitresses, smiling, laughing, sticking out her tongue, and making an unholy mess with her noodles, fruit, egg, and fries (stolen from Daddy):

The information we have on her suggests that she normally goes to bed at 10:30, but this was a tired little girl by 8:00. She got her first bath with us, a bottle, a new sleeper, and bed, having trouble keeping her eyes open all the while:

What a day! More tomorrow.