Monday, August 20, 2007

First Night

Elaina did quite well. She fell asleep before nine, woke at 2 crying a bit, took a bottle contentedly, and as of 620 is still sleeping. She's made little baby noises occasionally, but no big problems since 2:00. Knock on wood.

Today we go back to the Ministry for more paperwork all morning. More when we get back.


Jill said...

Ken/Katrina, I was getting all weepy when I saw the photos of you holding her for the first time. She is just beautiful! Am trying to keep up with all the entertaining posts about your trip,too. How surreal that just a week ago we were sitting at Dunsmore with the kiddos! Hope all continues to go smoothly. Love, Jill

Ken L. said...

Congratultions. What a great thing you have done. It must take a enormous amount of effort to do what you have done. Fantastic. Great job.

I have to ask or find out for myself; why all girls? Did ou say all the babies in the group were girls?

We've only met a few times, Ken (but you did send Shauna a link), so I don't have much of a right to get sentimental. But, seing you with that little one asleep on you chest ... wow. There is something to be cherished about a dad and his baby girl ... alone, in a communist county, half way 'round the world, being careful not to make some sound that starts the baby's bowls moving?!?! Did I read that right?

Time to come home to La Crescenta.