Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Bureaucratic Anxieties

I forgot to mention the dream I had the night before we got Elaina. I dreamed that as part of the bureaucratic wrangling on two continents to get her, I had to plead guilty to a felony. Meth possession, as I recall. My partner Tom was representing me, and told me that Katrina must have explained this part of the process and I had just forgotten. He had gotten me a deal that would get me straight probation, no jail time. But I had to wear a bulky ankle bracelet and it would set off the security alarms at the airport, and during the plea colloquy the judge wanted to warn me as a possible consequence of the plea the security people might "treat you .. shall we say .. unpleasantly."

Then I woke up. Work and adoption anxieties combined! I'm reasonably confident that Katrina has not signed me up for anything like that.

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Tom. said...

You need to stay away from the Chinese mushrooms Ken.