Sunday, August 19, 2007

The Day

Here we are on the big day. We both woke at about five, unable to sleep. Breakfast, then off to the Civil Affairs ministry to meet the babies. Updates when we get back.

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Anonymous said...

With trembling fingers and quivering lip, I attempt my first blog (if that is what you younger folks now call intelligent communication. Blog sounds more like the instruction directed into the ear of an asian
child who is seated on a bucket).
Enough about the walls and squares, ducks and crabs, arts and temples, and Mozartean verities about the female condition. We sent you there to promote the international welfare of children, and all we hear about is fun and frivolity. Where's the lead paint??!! Considering your impending summit meeting with Elaina, we expect to hear some serious stuff about your devotion to child care, including advanced waste disposal in the grand Western tradition. Norm