Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Doll Face

We've seen a great many dolls here, in stores in Beijing, Wuhan, and here on the island. They fall into two categories: entirely stylized Asian dolls and more "realistic" dolls with Western features. All the Barbies are white -- every one I've seen. Every other Barbie-type doll I've seen, and every plastic baby-doll, has been white. The Asian dolls are generally very ornate or very stylized, like an Asian Raggedy Ann.

I'm not sure what this reflects. Perhaps the Western style doll is not to Asian tastes, so they don't produce Asian versions.

Mattel does, however, produce Adoption Barbie. (I'd like a version where you pull the string and adoption Babie says things adoptive parents frequently do: "For the last time, I DON'T KNOW when she's coming home!" "I AM her real mother!" "It's none of your business how much it costs!" Anyway, the White Swan gives them out to adoptive parents. Here is the latest:

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Anonymous said...

Good lord -- Adoption Barbies are going for $200-$300 on Ebay!

As usual, Ken, your writing has me in stitches. Love the photos; that baby is adorable. (So is Katrina's haircut.) Thank you for sharing your story.

Heather (bmg mom on the Holt board)