Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Elaina at Ten Months

Elaina turned 10 months today, the 28th. She's doing very well. We hit on a stragegy to keep her from waking up more during the night -- more rice cereal in her nighttime bottle.

She's definitely come out of her shell. She's equally comfortable with me or Katrina, loves to babble and play with her toys, and gives us lots of her face-transforming smiles -- though few laughs, mostly prefering her huffing noise. In sharp contrast to the first couple of days, when we were not sure if she could crawl, now she is into EVERYTHING. It reminds me of our first Christmas with Evan at about this age, which we spent mostly retriving the TV control from him.

She has a lot of funny little habits. She's taken to cocking her head against her shoulder to look at us. Also, she crawls with one leg extended, as if the leg doesn't work. As a result she frequently seems to be giving an impassioned but ultimately unconvincing portrayal of Richard III in some baby Shakespeare festival. Now is the diaper of our discontent/ made glor'ious summer by this bottle of milk.

A few pictures:

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Christine and Tom. said...

Wonderful pictures and stories. It really looks like she enjoys both of you so much.