Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Elaina, Day Three

Wednesday here, and we feel that Elaina's personality is coming out now that she's more comfortable with us. She has a smile that reaches her whole face, and a laugh that sounds like heavy breathing. She's pretty much gotten over her anxiety about Katrina, and will take bottles and hugs from her willingly:

We feel very lucky in this regard; many of the babies in our group are clinging to the dads and still standoffish with the moms, which is typical but can be very painful, especially for the first time moms.

Elaina enjoys Cheerios, toys, music, babling, immitating sounds, and making a bridge on her hands and feet by arcing her back (it was quite the surprise the first time she did it. She's a rather slow crawler but stands pretty well and will be walking soon, I suspect.

She got a kick out of the Baby Mozart dvd I brought to play on the laptop:

We are tremendously lucky.

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