Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Friday arrival

To family and any interested friends:

We'll be arriving on China Southern Flight 327, Guangzhou to Los Angeles, on Friday. Scheduled arrival time is 655, but try checking a few hours in advance. You can check with Delta's web site (Delta is a partner with China Southern). You can also call China Southern at 888 338 8988 (their web site is impossible). Our flight here landed 45 minutes early and some people landed late, so we suggest checking.

We figure it will take an hout to deplane, get luggage, and clear customs and immigration.

See you then.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations to you all! Elaina is so beautiful. I jumped in late on the blogs and for a second thought you adopted more than one baby when I saw "babies", so I had to back up and read prior blogs. Phew! Have a safe return. -Melissa Lorenz

Tom and Christine. said...

Have a safe trip back. Don't try to slip Elaina Triminic on the flight claiming you "think" she's developing a cold! See you Monday hopefully.

Anonymous said...


...And now, the White family is complete....

We so much enjoyed meeting the plane last time, but cannot this time unfortunately. This will give you time for Vidal however, so it is not so bad.

Ken, you need to publish this blog! It is fabulous!

Enjoy your quiet as a family together!
Louise and Family