Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Greetings From Beijing

Well, more than 24 hours after the last update, we are here.

The flight from LAX to Guangzhou was nice. Premium Economy was worth the price. We both slept pretty well and then watched stuff on our ipods and read. On the way off the plane, we met two other families from our group, which was great. The flight from Guangzhou to Beijing was crowded and long (and frustrating since we were backtracking) but we survived it.

Beijing is really remarkably smoggy -- it reminds me of the worst of L.A. in the 70s.

About 2 pm here, so cleaning up and then exploring a bit.

The Great Wall tomorrow.

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peggy said...

Hello from the home front! All is well here--a bit hot but the ac is working well. Abby is allowing all to sleep sort of--until 6 this Thurs a.m. which was fine. Went swimming at K's before dinner last nite. The kids like pork chops done with marsala and onions. Abby like the onions. Neither loved the baked sweet potato but ate some. Abby loved her broccoli and Evan ate some. We have chged plans for family day since Evan woke up this a.m. sayng how tired he would be after soccer practice this afternoon and 3 hrs of running this a.m. He opted for more burritos tonight and a trip to Baskin-Robbins and his special dinner tomorrow night at Kirsten's after swimming again. I'll cook here and transfer and we'll eat inside! I'll read your blog to the kids tonight as a "special" story before bed. Evan does ask when you will call so thepposting should make him happy. Any idea where Miss Abby might have stashed her pink crocs? We've searched, but no luck. Norm called and Peggy Rados is coming up to spend my b'day with me at Norton Simon and Kirsten has invited us for dinner that night if her baby hasn't arrived. Her dr issue is resolved, so the little girl can come when she is ready! peggy