Sunday, August 19, 2007

Hello from Wuhan!

The trip from Beijing to Wuhan was pretty easy. We had steeled ourselves for oppressive heat, but despite its reputation as one of the four furnaces of China, Wuhan isn't noticeably worse than Beijing so far. That may change in a few minutes when our guide takes us out to a local grocery and department store so that we can provision for the big day tomorrow.

We're staying in a brand-new hotel -- it's only been open a couple of months. The Wuhan Jin Jiang International Hotel is spectacular, and looks like a great place to spent the next five days. The rooms and common areas are beautiful -- on a part with a Ritz or Four Seasons -- but the price is actually quite reasonable, probably about half of what a comparable room would cost in America. Right now we're enjoying a nice view of a small lake and another hotel complex across the lake, three tall towers connected by bridges. We're also appreciating the sight of a crib in the room, which will be occupied tomorrow.

More later.

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