Friday, August 24, 2007

How To Distinguish Elaina From Wolverine

I grant you there are certain similarities hair-wise, especially after she has just gotten up from a nap.



But there are also important differences. In case you become confused, here is a handy chart:

Wolverine: Yes
Elaina: It seemed that way for two years, but no.


Elaina: Very
Wolverine: Well, not to me. Not that there's anything wrong with that if you think so.

Moody, gruff:

Wolverine: Yes
Elaina: Only right after getting up from naps.

Has Tony award:

Wolverine: Yes
Elaina: No*


Disembowels irritating people with retractable adamantine claws:

Wolverine: Yes
Elaina: No*


Fond of suddenly grabing and twisting father's right nipple through shirt:

Elaina: Yes
Wolverine: I sure hope not.

Missuse of image prevented by menacing and vigilant lawyers:

Wolverine: Yes
Elaina: Just try it.

Minor umbilical hernia pops out after big meals or when crying angrily.

Elaina: Yes.
Wolverine: Not sure. Does Wolverine have his shirt off after a big meal or during a crying jag in any of the movies?


Salome's Mom said...

That is so cute!!! She is definately cuter than wolverine. He is just cute in another way. I am so happy for you guys, your little baby is just precious.

Anonymous said...

Ken and Katrina,
I see a big future in mousse for you. The quicker the better. All she needs is spikes (preferably purple) and she is good to go!