Friday, August 17, 2007

Updated Information on Elaina

This morning we had our orientation meeting in the hotel -- lots of good advice about the bureaucratic complexities of the rest of the trip, and about easing the babies' transition.

Then, to be mean, they put up new pictures on the screen and tried to get us to identify which was ours. It's harder than it sounds, as our last picture is about 3 months old, and those little faces change a lot.

I'll post the new Elaina pictures after a while. She's still a cutie, and still definitely not starving. We also got a picture of her with some of the other babies in the group, which was very cool.

Here are the pics:

Ooops. I'll try to flip the pics later.

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Christine and Tom said...

Beautiful girl! Thanks for the action photos. She always looks happy.