Saturday, August 25, 2007

What Words Strike Fear Into The Hearts of American Tourists in China -- Especially Women?

"Squatty Potties."

Decorum prevents me from lengthy desription of these facilities. Suffice it to say that someone may have been thinking of them when coining the phrase "doesn't know his ass from a hole in the ground." They are sufficiently terrifying that some days Katrina has gone without liquids longer than a dromedary to avoid using one.


Anonymous said...

If Katrina still harbors (O.K., cherishes if you like, but it doesn't flow as well) her dream of playing catcher on the Crescenta Valley Woman's Softball Team (a/k/a The Wussies), she must take advantage of every available chance to strengthen her legs, improve her balance, and perfect her aim. What better opportunity than to about-face the
many squatty potties of China.
Practice practice practice!!!
Coach Norm

Anonymous said...

There are always those split pants and buckets, Katrina. Just ask Ken to make a noise.. Louise