Thursday, December 13, 2007

Welcome, China Moon Readers!

A warm welcome to everyone who found their way here by reading the article in China Moon. If I knew I would get such a wide audience, I would have proofread more closely.

You can follow our entire trip through the archive bar on the right.

We've been home with Elaina for three and a half months now. She's really come out of her shell and is much more active, happy, and and curious. She's in the rampaging-toddler-grabbing everything mode, making us regret no longer having a baby-proof house. Plus, she's in favor of family equity, in that she hurled on Katrina last night. Kids puking on Ken: 2, kids puking on Katrina: 1. I'm still in the fight!

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Mindy said...

Hi..First I want to say CONGRATULATIONS!!!Your entire family is beautiful!!!! I so enjoyed your blog as did my parents. We left for China on Sept 12th and appreciated all of the great tips!!! My agency is Holt also. Which China moon are you referring to? I do not remember seeing a story with your name in it???? Happy Holiday!!! Mindy